List of Networking And Security Training Institute In Muscat

AWS Training in Muscat


AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud computing platform. Get online live training from certified experts

CCNA Training in Muscat


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) from CISCO. Get live training by CCNA certified experts

CCNP Training in Muscat


Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) intermediate certification. Get training from experts

Cloud Computing Training in Muscat

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing training on AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure Servers

Cyber Security Training in Muscat

Cyber Security

Cyber Security for computer systems, internet and networking. Join cyber security courses online.

Ethical Hacking Training in Muscat

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is detecting vulnerabilities in application/software/networking. Join course now!

Fortinet Firewall Training in Muscat

Fortinet Firewall

Fortinet Firewall provides cyber security solutions antivirus. Get training cyber security experts.

Google Cloud Platform Training in Muscat

Google Cloud Platform

GCP (Google cloud platform) is a cloud computing platform. Get training from cloud experts

MCSA Training in Muscat


Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certificate is an entry level from Microsft. Join Now

MCSE Training in Muscat


Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE) online live training by expert certified professionals.

Microsoft Azure Training in Muscat

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing by Microsoft corporation. Join our training by server experts

Red Hat Training in Muscat

Red Hat

We provide Red Hat courses, certifications and online individual live training from certified expert

Server Administration Training in Muscat

Server Administration

Server Administration is managing server, installing, trouble shooting and settings. Join Now!

Software Testing Training in Muscat

Software Testing

Software Testing (Manuel & Automation) online training by industry expert software testers.

Software Testing (Automation) Training in Muscat

Software Testing (Automation)

Online live training on tools for Software Testing (Automation) with internship by Industry experts.

Software Testing (Manual) Training in Muscat

Software Testing (Manual)

Online live training on tools for Software Testing (Manuel) with internship by Industry experts.

System Administration Training in Muscat

System Administration

Systems administration is the duty for managing computers systems in a networks. Start today!

Vmware Training in Muscat


Vmware Training in Muscat


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List of IT Institutes/Companies in Muscat

  • OmanComputerNetworkSystemsLLC,Muscat | Location details: Pearl Building, ground floor, near Oman LNG HO. Ghala, Oman | Classification: Office equipment supplier, Office equipment supplier | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 9553 7494
  • Regus-Muscat,HormuzGrand | Location details: Al Matar Street Hormuz Grand Hotel, Upper Mezzanine Floor Muscat OM, 130, Oman | Classification: Office space rental agency, Office space rental agency | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 24 252300
  • TalentzEnterprisesLLC | Location details: An Noor Street, Shop#94، Ruwi، Muscat, Sultanate of Oman، Landmarks: near Al Karama Hypermarket، Landmarks: on same street as Badr Al Sama, Ruwi;، Muscat 112, O | Classification: Musical instrument store, Musical instrument store | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 9225 2685
  • PhoenixTechnologies&SolutionsLLC(SECURADO) | Location details: Al Safat St, Muscat, Oman | Classification: Computer support and services, Computer support and services | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 24 961755 ext. 24961054
  • HCLMuscatTechnologiesLLC | Location details: Office No. 24, Ground Floor, KOM 4 PC 135, Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Sultanate of Oman Oman OM, 113, Oman | Classification: Software company, Software company | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 24 166277
  • MediaComputers&TrainingServicesLLC | Location details: H9XP+MQG, Muscat, Oman | Classification: Corporate office, Corporate office | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 24 902119
  • LuLuHypermarket-Darsait | Location details: Darsait, Oman Darsait 130, Muscat, Oman | Classification: Hypermarket, Hypermarket | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 24 701401
  • AMIDEAST/Oman | Location details: Al Wazarat St, Muscat, Oman | Classification: Training centre, Training centre | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 24 590309
  • KhimjiTrainingInstituteLLC | Location details: 5th Floor, Block Number 242, Building Number 175, Way Number 4203. Azaibah، Muscat, Oman | Classification: Learning center, Learning center | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 24 613521
  • AlAlawiTrainingCenter | Location details: J92P+J3Q, Muscat, Oman | Classification: Training centre, Training centre | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline):
  • AbaltoLLC | Location details: Office 24/25, Taminat Complex، Building 55/RB9, Way 53، Bausher، Muscat 130, Oman | Classification: Engineering consultant, Engineering consultant | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 22 094081
  • OsoolArabia | Location details: Muscat 112, Oman | Classification: Training centre, Training centre | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 24 797959
  • OmanOilServiceStation-AlNozha | Location details: Al Salam St, Beside Mall Of Muscat، Seeb, Oman | Classification: Petrol Station, Petrol Station | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 800 76626
  • GalaxyToastmastersClubMuscat | Location details: AL HASHAR TRAVELS TOURISM MUSCAT OM, 134, Oman | Classification: Club, Club | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 9524 8814
  • GulfCollege | Location details: Al Mabaila، OM, Muscat 133, Oman | Classification: College, College | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 24 468666
  • JalTechnology | Location details: J92C+F5M, Muscat, Oman | Classification: Software company, Software company | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +968 9552 8585
  • eTech Oman Address: PBox 1283, jibroo 114, Muscat 114, Oman Phone: +968 9772 6935 , website:
  • OZONE UNITED COMPANY LLC Address: Muscat, Oman Phone: +968 24 703469 , website:
  • TakweenIT Address: Al Marafah Street, Al Ghubrah NorthØŒ P.O.Box: 1846 AzaibahØŒ Al Ghubrah North, Muscat 130, Oman Phone: +968 22 023045 ,
  • Al Kays International LLC Address: AL Noor Street, Ruwi, Muscat 131, Oman Phone: +968 24 787049 , website:
  • Olive Creative Studio P.O Box 3871, P.C 112, Ruwi, Al-Nahda Tower 2, #10, Ghala, Muscat, Oman Phone: +968 2411 7370/71/72, Website:
 courses in Muscat
Many of the palaces of the city still sell goods unique to Oman and traditional Omani handicrafts. With the discovery of oil in Oman, the Muscat city began to see new economic horizons. About half of the population is under age 30 making it a solid ground for advanced technologies to invest in. The city located iin the governorate named Muscat, is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East. Like Riyadh,the population of Muscat is rather young.

Muscat is the largest city in Oman. Their corporate venture with Toshiba, Subaru, SAIKO, Hewlett Packard, General Motors and Arch Ceramics.

. Since 1962 Muscat has been home to The Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) who is now the second largest employer in the country. Dates, pearls, pearls, fish, handicrafts, and perfumes are some of the traditional export of Muscat.

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