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  • Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring
  • Configuring DNS for Active Directory
  • Configuring zones
  • Configuring DNS server settings
  • Configuring zone transfer and Replication
  • Configuring the AD infrastructure
  • Configuring a forest or a domain
  • Configuring trusts - Configuring sites
  • Configuring AD replication
  • Configuring the global catalog
  • Configuring operation masters
  • Configuring additional AD server roles
  • Configuring AD Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)
  • Configuring AD Rights Management Service (AD RMS)
  • Configuring read-only domain controller (RODC)
  • Configuring AD Federation Services (AD FS)


  • Configuring and maintaining AD objects
  • Automate the creation of AD accounts
  • Maintain AD accounts
  • Create and apply Group Policy objects (GPOs)
  • Configure GPO templates
  • Configure software deployment GPOs
  • Configure account policies
  • Configure audit policy by using GPOs


  • Maintaining the AD environment
  • Configuring backup and recovery
  • Perform offline maintenance
  • Monitor AD


  • Configuring AD Certificate Services
  • Install AD Certificate Services
  • Configure CA server settings
  • Manage certificate templates
  • Manage Enrolments
  • Manage Certificate revocations


  • Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure
  • Configuring IP Addressing and Services
  • Configuring IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
  • Configuring Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Configuring routing
  • Configuring IPsec


  • Configuring Name Resolution
  • Configuring DNS Server
  • Configuring DNS zones
  • Configuring DNS records
  • Configuring DNS replication
  • Configuring name resolution for client computers


  • Configuring Network Access
  • Configure remote access
  • Configure Network Access Protection (NAP)
  • Configure network authentication
  • Configure wireless access
  • Configure firewall settings


  • Configuring File and Print Services
  • Configure a file server
  • Configure Distributed File System (DFS)
  • Configure shadow copy services
  • Configure backup and restore
  • Manage Disk Quotas
  • Configure and monitor print services


  • Monitoring and Managing a Network Infrastructure
  • Configure Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server settings
  • Capture performance data - Monitor event logs
  • Gather network data


  • Windows Server 2008 Application Infrastructure
  • Configuring Deploy Servers
  • Deploy images by using Windows Deployment Services
  • Configure Microsoft Windows Activation
  • Configure high availability
  • Configure storage


  • Configuring Terminal Services
  • Configure Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Remote App (TS Remote App)
  • Configure Terminal Services Gateway
  • Configure Terminal Services load balancing
  • Configure and monitor Terminal Services resources
  • Configure Terminal Services Licensing
  • Configure Terminal Services client connections
  • Configure Terminal Services server options


  • Configuring a Web Services Infrastructure
  • Configure Web applications
  • Manage Web sites
  • Configure a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server
  • Configure Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
  • Manager Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Configure SSL security
  • Configure Web site authentication and permissions


  • Configuring Network Application Services
  • Configure Windows Media Server
  • Configure Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Configure Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services server options
  • Configure Windows SharePoint Services e-mail integration
  • Download MCSA Syllabus
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MCSA Jobs in Nizwa

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Find jobs related to MCSA in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and recruitment websites (monsterindia, placementindia, naukri,,, etc.) based in Nizwa, chennai and europe countries. You can find many jobs for freshers related to the job positions in Nizwa.

  • Project manager
  • System administrator-Microsoft
  • Technical architect
  • Software developer- Microsoft
  • Network engineer/system engineer
  • Team lead
  • Customer support engineer
  • Tech support Engineer
  • system analyst
  • product support engineer.
MCSA internship jobs in Nizwa

MCSA Internship/Course Details

MCSA The MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) course in Nizwa is aimed to teach students the fundamentals of the Microsoft Windows server platform's infrastructure. Students who complete the Microsoft certification program will have an easier time finding work as system administrators. You can enroll in the MCSA course at NESTSOFT if you have a basic understanding of computers and networking. Routing and switching, security, collaboration, and wireless are all covered in our certification examinations. It's a type of IT certification for IT professionals and web developers who want to gain jobs based on their Microsoft technology expertise. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate window server certification is the first step in becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for software professionals. Troubleshooting, Monitoring, Managing and Recovering AD DS, as well as installing, upgrading, and moving servers and workloads. Systems Administrator, Information Technology (IT) Manager, Senior Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, Information Technology (IT) Director, Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT), and Senior Systems Engineer are the most prevalent MCSA certification occupations. MCSA certification opens up job prospects such as computed technical support engineer, system engineer, and system administrator. You will learn about the installation, configuration, development, and management of the Windows server by the end of the course.

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